Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rich Harrill's Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a "bucket list" destination--part adventure, part natural laboratory and 100 percent fun.
Our partner institution at University of San Francisco Quito has a campus on San Cristobal Island, where we spent three days.
Beachfront campus
Street to Downtown San Cristobal
View from the study hall.  What a place to take a few classes!
Where the students go after class 
 This small eatery specialized in local food.
The octopus in coconut sauce was delicious!
Pulpo--fresh octopus!
 A staple of high school biology and ecology courses, the Galapagos is perhaps best known for some theory some guy came up with a long, long time ago...
The sea lions are quite friendly here.
Fiddler Crab
Pelican out fishing
Sea Lions working on their tan
 These pictures are from a giant tortoise restoration facility.  This guy was definitely on the move!

 Blue Footed Booby
Snorkeling is a major tourist activity here 
 Faculty meeting
Playa Brava near campus.  Many of the beaches tend to be volcanic and rocky but there are some very nice ones.
 Sea Lion colony at night
 I was looking for a park bench to rest a bit but these guys beat me to it--sound asleep!
I love snorkeling!  Care to join me!
 Our scuba leader

Many tourists stay on the boats rather than lodging on the island which has impacts on the community
The Dean and the Captain charting our course
 Kickers Rock where we swam with sharks!
 Downtown San Cristobal
Welcome to the Hotel California (not really, but kinda
looks like it?)
 CafĂ© on the water
Dr. Cardenas drinking Fiora--a typical Ecuadorian soft drink